• Urine Bag

    Economic Urine Collection Bag, PVC Catheter Drainage Bag Medical Grade Brief Introduction: The urine collection bag is a sterile plastic bag that collects urine. Indwelling catheterization is one of the most common and fr...
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  • Suture With Needle

    Surgical suture thread: generally can be divided into two categories: absorbable thread and non-absorbable thread: Absorbable thread Wanjia Suture With needles are used to deliver local anesthetic to the operative site in order to make a patient as comfortable as possi...
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  • blood lancet

    As a new generation medical supply company, Wanjia is equally committed to improving the accessibility and affordability of high-quality medical products globally, both hospital and household. And put a healthy mind, body and environment within reach of everyone, everywh...
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